Week after coming back...


Much more I get when i came back from my recruit (Wataniah Recruit)and I did'nt expected much of it,
and many more happen in my beloved IPGKKB
where the first day I came back, I feel dumb!

Yes, DUMB!
In my head, where is this place?
Who are these people?
Yeah, its her, its him.
Oh, you living on the same floor with me...
Are'nt you the one sit next to my class?
You are my classmate, yes I remember you.
Still, whats your name? Huh!
Thats 1 whole month at Sg. Durian really make me look and feel and be like a frog just get out from a coconut shell.... in other words, Katak di bawah tempurung baru keluar tengok alam.
Yes, thats me!

And, my journal.
Yes, I have a journal.
A compulsory one that we have to write two entries per week.
and I got the award of Best Journal!
Yeah! :D :D :D :D

My Pink and Pink and Blue...Orange!

And my sister, bought me a novel for my semester course
Things Fall Apart by Chinua Achebe
Online purchase from Kinokuniya...
Hope I can finish and understand this novel
because it will be ask in the final exam!
Yes, I'm in the final of my foundation....
urghh.... scared! (~_~")

Sebijik tak muka dengan cover? heee... :D

I think, thats all happen last week.
and tomorrow is my birthday. *not related at all*

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