Yupi Gummies, Tutti Frutti, Secret Recipe, Starbucks??? Saya takkan makan !!!

So Damn Fucking Cute! but BEWARE (!)

Ini memang perkara berani mati saya akan katakan.
Ya...saya berani mati.
Atas anda untuk menilai.

Up to you.
but when it comes to your food....ESPECIALLY musleem....
Muslim as we know that we cannot simply eat anything in this world...
No PIG, as usual the most controversial things to be talked about.

and we must avoid SYUBHAH...
Syubhah is when there are confusion in two different things, Bad meets Good, Negative meets Positive, then you should choose the good one. Which we have to avoid Syubhah!

Then, what I want to say here that many of us would not know what they are eating now is actually contain Syubhah...and rather not its actually HARAM...
sorry to say that...but its true.
but we have take it simply.

Here...take this.

there..you can read it by yourself. You can read more HERE!
It was come from Yupi.
What is YUPI?
Have you eaten it all of this while?

maybe you wanna take a lil bit glimpse at these:

Feel like familiar to your daily life? yes...it is...BOOM!
Then...any other gummies... Gummy Bear or somewhat somehow...also 100 plus fruit gummy...
hmmm...afraid that they also included.
I dont wanna put they as haram here because maybe I can be wrong.
but as we know that bones, is also haram for us to eat.
So...as I say it again. Up to you!

Also you can read HERE !!! and HERE ALSO

and why did I relate it to Tutti Fruti?
this is because lately I had gone to Tutti Fruti..and I will never go there again.
hmmm...What's the BIG deal?

YEAH...the big deal is the decorations for your yummy yogurt there has GUMMIES!
The same spoon, scoop, spatula, whatever it is you used for cedok those coco balls, and also gummies....
hmmm...the contact between them.
Don't you get what I mean, THE CONTACT of using same tools for those gummies and other nitties gritties...
then...what would you say?

Okay now...if you still don't believe what I say maybe you should head on to nearest store,
scan through the ingredients on all of the gummies.

SEARCH for these things:
  1. Halal Logo
  2. Gelatin Ingredients
  3. Bovine Gelatin Ingredients
  4. Plant origin Gelatin Ingredients
and you hardly find the 1st and 4th things. 

And what more about Secret Recipe and Starbucks...???

there are secret story behind it.
I rather not say anything because I don't have any proof.

but I don't eat them

Last word from me...
Stay away from Syubhah...its much better.

Aum..Nyum Nyum!!! (_ _")


Love, Cinta, Heart, Sayang...

This is when I want to talk about Love, Cinta, Heart and Sayang.
What is LOVE?
Love, does it same to CINTA?
Sayang = Love?
Cinta = Sayang?
Do them?

That's what I gonna talk about.

I just called to say I love you...
I just called to say how much I care... *eh nyanyi plak!?*

The words I care there, it shows the different meaning of love.
Then when we talk about love, many people misconcept it.
I often said to my friends, (yeah, I do have friends) that,

"I love you" 
but its different 

when I said it in Malay, "Saya sayang awak"
Although it was the meaning of sayang is love, but we know it different.
How about CINTA?
Cinta also called Love.
Then, does Cinta same with Sayang?
Does it?
I rather said that it was
TOTALLY different.


I want to substitute the word SAYANG to HEART.
HEART is also not EQUAL to LOVE.
So, it shows difference of love in the two different situation.

When you fell in love, mostly on your teenage years...it is called love.
A meaningless stupid blind LOVE.

When you grow up older, then you fell in love again,
now its not only love. It is HEART.

When you become older, you have your spouse,
and it is not LOVE, it is HEART. something repeat here...
LOVE is more to your lust...maybe .... yeah it is!
Love is LUST! you know...I'll make it straight...its about sex.

 but..but but but but butt... 
HEART is about sacrificing, sincere and pure feeling towards your love one.

maybe nobody understand what I'm saying now.
because its just a matter of words.
The words which we see it like have the same meaning...
which actually they are not...
it means different to any single person in this world...

Next time...when people say  

"I Love You"

you must not take those heart easily...it just mean that he/she just care about you as a friend...
not more and not less...
it just it...simple as that...BANG! whats with those sound effect.

and more...which what that I would like and happy most is...
the HEART that you give...
I dont want your LOVE...
I just want your heart...which we can stay and live forever with our heart....

thus, I would like to say that

"I Heart You than I Love You"

Ruqaiyah Rahman

Long..... way to go.............

Huh Hah!

Its to struggle now.
Not much time left.
Hmm...okay...my English is going to be suck...SEE?!
After a long time no updating...
and long time grounded with those bulking assignment...
and long time not going home...

Since when I did miss home so much?
yeah...since all of those fakap things happen.
the needs to have those peace...
the needs of your heart to be heal...

I cannot eat much anymore lately
maybe i dont have those appetite..
those appetite already killed by those mada fakar things...
which make my life a loser...

Yes... I'M A LOSER!
Are you happy with that?

Thats all a lil bit ups and down had happen in these two months... (if i'm not mistaken)
Ass...ignments, about 11 of them...all written essay...in two weeks to be done.
more meeting and programs...exhausted weekend and not enough of those beauty sleep.
spend of money on ridiculous things..like RM35 DINNER...yah...it was like uhhh...Fak! (sorry to say that...oppps!)
and more stupid chocolate indulgence cake things...i don't eat those cake FYI !!!
and more tempered MF classmates...which I will not see them next year...bye-bye!

maybe some good things happen..but I dont remember any of it...
okay now I remember...
which is...eating pizza for about RM50 on my own self... 
Lets say that I'm soooo stuffy for about two days...
A small girl like me eating like a devil... :D

The final exam is around the corner...
still not ready with that..
a lot to learn and to revise up...
more to brush up my language...
and more to impress the examiner...
or not I will be kick out of the institution.

hmmm...too many about me...

no more to say. K ciao!