Angan-angan Yang Separuh menjadi kenyataan!

Hello...ya...dan Assalamualaikum....!!!

Ambe nak display arr ciket angan-angan ambe. Ambe karang ni mase ambe duk matriks awal tahun arituh...(2011) Tapi disebabkan Tahun 2012 pulok yang dah muncul, so ambe kene karang plok arr kot angan-angan baru...

tapi apa yang penting angan-angan ini, Ya angan-angan ini! telah mungkin menjadi kenyataan bagi saya, dan ambe nok plok ia jadi kenyataan bagi orang lain. Do a Favor Guys!

and the complete mission were:

6 out of 20 were granted fully...and also some
were need to be deleted...HAISHHH!!!!

So, whats your wish? and i think of making a new one....

Next list is coming up next day.... we'll see.

"Once people said that Bruce Lee is just a window cleaner and he had wrote some of his wish on a photo that which he become what he is now"

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