The Chasing Game

Do you have a crush?
Have you been crush on someone? *most of the time*

Getting a crush, sometimes it is annoying
totally when they are psycho and maniac. *isn't it the same?*
ya...like when u eat at cafe, there's someone at the end of corner
will stare u...
and lick their lips...it will look wet...
and their eyes...don't tell me. u noe it.
and they start to searching things in their bag....
*why did I use plural subject? like I have so many crushsss...yeah...I'M HOT!*
they start shivering...can't stop shivering...
he use the tissue he got from his bag.
he's not searching for his phone to take your photograph.

he just being sick.
sick with flu.
don't be so negative minded.
No one would ever want to be my crush.

and this life.
new life.
Damn much. =_=

I like the way to be free
Single and Happy.
Like it when I can feel the sunshine shining on my skin...
and not worry to let it burned my skin...
no one will care why i'm so dark.

and when it rain
I can run to the field
and swim in the puddle
puddle of mud
and roll into splash of rain water.
the rain drop dripping on my cheek
the cold
the breeze
it hugs me
like no one else can..
and I can feel it untill I sick with flu
because of the rain
and no one will ever scold me for being sick
and I love that.

I love myself and no one else can ever make me happy like I am.
I want to marry myself.
Ruqaiyah, I want to marry me.

#Like the new single life
#love the feel of being free
#love the memory I had
#still not searching for anyone
#dont want any heartbreak issue anymore

Ruqaiyah Rahman


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