First Sight Love

at first sight
I've never been through it
not really
a crush on someone is not called love at first sight
it was called INFATUATION.

I've been in the first sight love of me
*nampak macam koya*
I think
the first day we met is the first sight love of him to me

The first conversation thru the phone
look like we've known so long before
Do we've ever live together in life before?
like a myth of once upon a time
we've met in yesterday life
but in present life we've don't remember any single thing of us
have we ever been married together
or you and I are the best mate ever!
maybe this is like dejavu.

your SMS
the words was beautifully type
and i've caught a weird feeling when I read
"Insyaallah...mana-mana pun boleh buat. Kita cuba sama-sama sampai boleh"
just for a damn passport.
like you have known me.
but we've never meet.
the word "kita" actually means a lot to a person like me
when you count urself in to form the "us"
"us" means important person we've include together in our life

just look into this words:
there is no "us" in our relationship anymore,
it's all just about you, you you you,
and it's all about me, me me
we're not in the same shoes *i love shoes please*

see, the meaning of "us"
okay nevermind. just me being perasan.

then, I've shock a lil bit when we first met,
I think you too feel the same way.
and the awkward feeling,
a stranger but too mesra,
what that thing?

then u've wait me all the way at the lift,
I walk so slow, I koya-koya when I walk,
berangan ke Thailand at that time
okay, maybe i've never been to the imegresen kinda thing,
so you want to lead the way.
untill the way back you wait
and help me with the passport cover.
quite gentleman laa... *boleh puji*

that day was raining
raining somehow somewhat can be so weird
a weird miracle
a romantic scene is happen
a sad scene is happen
a tragic scene also could happen
what could I say about this scene?
a dream, in the rain

I've just dont care
I just follow all of your step at that time,
but I dont depend on you
then I cross the street
in the rain I tiptoed, with my blue checkered umbrella
"Ruqaiyah ni cute laa"
I was like.....okay he's just want to puji-puji me
no big deal.
but I never take it serious
takde orang pernah nak cakap macam tu at first time.
even my own lover.
then I thougt it just a joke.
so I ignore that.

and many-many things after that,
sitting side by side
I just thought it usual.
I dont know what it mean to you.

That whole day
had give a lot to remember
at first I just dont care
but now, yes, it touched me.

and many things happen after that.
and I still dont believe this thing.
I am dreaming.

#love of a god-planned coincidence. zany.

a girl who confused

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