I sometimes think that,
Why did you did this to me?
What are the things that I've done wrong?
Who are you to do this to me?
When can we be like usual?

I sometimes think that,
Is it only me?
Or Is it only you?
Or It is US?

Please YA ALLAH, 
Show me the truth behind this,
Please YA ALLAH,
Make me strong.
Erase him from my mind.
Make him realise what he did to me.

We keep ignoring each other but...

I dont forgive you.
I dont forget you.
I will not try to approach you.
Just let me have my own world.
Let me have my LIFE back.
My HAPPY life before I met you.

Please, there are NO future between us.
We are just friends and will always be friends.
Which, I Love MY friends.
All of THEM.

Just consider about other people please Boy.
And think about other.
Accept the Truth,
Accept the FATE.
This is OUR fate.
We still in the same way

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