I Wish

Assalamualaikum w.b.t...

Last time I had show you My 2011 Wishlist 
and now I have my NEW wishlist
and here they go...

List of My 2012 Wishlist! :D

First and foremost and importantly,
I want to have this book.
Not an ordinary book.
A special one, for myself!
I wish I will have it As Soon As Possible...

Tafsir Al-Burhan :)

I want to have my Driving Licence!
I don't have any
and can't wait to start my driving practice
When will my Wataniah Allowance bank in into my BSN???

My Driving Test!

and a Smartphone.
because there are a lot of problem that I'm having now

A New Phone

plus +++
a set of Playboy Play It Lovely Perfume..
I don't care about perfume before,
but now I do,
and I fall into this smell... (sound like smelly)
no, this perfume really a good chemistry for me,
I love it! 
I want to have it more...
need one!

also a CHIC haircut
more to KPop style,
I'm not a KPop fan *Yes, like you are not*
I'm crazy for layer and bangs!
New Haircut
Goodbye old hair...my Kim Kardashian Hair,
but I love BOTH of it!
Switch and Swap time now.

Have it Both! ;)

and what I crave most is,

I want:
Toms Sneakers,
Chuck Taylors, 
and more, more, MORE!
Those shoes makes me go CRAZY!

Girls can get enough with fashion,
so do I! 
I am not a shopaholic, fashionista, bimbos, or whatever...

I want a Long Dress

Poppy Design, must have one!
and also
which I always longed for
an ABAYA...
A piece of Abaya :)

and to wear an Abaya... :)
I see that its very elegant
when I see a woman wear an Abaya
especially a Black Abaya.
Although it is Black and Big (not fit),
But I see a HIDDEN Beauty behind it.

Then, I also wanted a
Yes, I'm influenced by my BEST friend, ARIFAH!
and no, you don't influenced me!
I think it suits me,
the size,
the colour,
the style...

Red Mini! 

Last but not Least,
I want a moment like this!

A Happy Married Couple
Yeah! Like That!

Wedding and Honeymoon (maybe)
at the bridge
we see the night view,
the hectic city is far away from us,
but the light of the city,
is a NICE view.
The night breeze...
so cold and
only both of us
feel it....

 *since when I become so JIWANG KARAT?*

That's all for my wishlist...
THANKS for reading!

Ruqaiyah Rahman


  1. hello kpop lover ! i'm a fan of kpop too ^.^

  2. Yeay...! :D we r Kpop fanatics...! haha...


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