I Have Nothing to Choose.

Does it me? or Does it my Destiny that happen to be like this? Why can't I choose to be a Superstar? Why can't I choose to be a Millionaire? Why can't I choose to be the Miss Universe?
Lately...I want it to happen my way...but do other people can accept it? NO! They rather think that I'm more selfish, I am being angry with them and I who don't to respect them. Hey friends...do you remember the way you scold me last time? Do you remember the way you use my stuff last time? Did you remember it? Did you remember when you are in trouble I who are always accept the trouble to be my trouble so that you have a happy life there. Did you even notice it? NO! I who always need to think of them. I am the one need to lick back others butt. yeah. its me! all that you can do is you can runaway and sulking to the moon and hope that I will apologize to you. yeah its me that always need to apologize to you. I also want to be pampered like that. but I can't. because I'm to old to make such manner.
Please remind this. I am not the person who always think about myself needs all the time. I'm not selfish. But if its hard for me to cooperate with you then what can I do? I also don't have the power to control everything. I also have a soul to be guidance here. its not only you that i need to take care off. So, if the situation can be under control yet (hope so!) i will try my best to think what is need. then if not, i will rather shut up than quarrel with other. But if someone had gone through my own self respect, don't shock if i will burst you to hell! And I had done it. The person will never get a chance to talk with me and have my helping hand anymore. Yes, I don't have the opportunity to chose, but this is the way that I would take if I can't stand it. Sorry, But I rather not to have friend than having a friend that will trouble my life.

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