You have to BEWARE of the "Baby Gaga" ice-cream and much more!

I just got something, maybe something that we have to think of,
about the famous scandalous stupid-shit-what-so-ever singer of the time Lady Gaga,
Facts about her in the website, www.epicweird.com
and I read on the Baby Gaga ice-cream which it is a natural breast milk ice cream?!
Take that! and will u ever wanted to try a flavour like that?
maybe yes u want it, but no for us.

Lady Gaga have ice cream now! Want some??? YUCKS!

you can read more news about it here

And more, the new perfume with the sample of her blood mix into it.
"You will be smell like an expensive hooker..." she says. 

Does she look expensive??? A hooker yes!

Okay, now everyone will worship her. All HELL Lady Gaga....go on. What can u make more? I want to hear more about it, and see how much will u succeed into that.

First ur songs, then the food, after that? Nobody knows then.
This thing really makes me wonder, if it ever go to be sold in Malaysia, how many people will buy it? I hope they dont. And what do u say about it?
For me, this has gone too far.

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